July 17th, 2008

This is me as a bear.

excellent past google searches sorted by letter

I have no idea when I started this entry but I need to finish it so that I can post something else. OK GO

A) agnostic front good charlotte tattoo
B) bitches with problems""
C) company name imprint condom
D) dolphin hairiness
E) emetophilia
F) final fantasy viii draw stat
G) gta4 bmx
H) hahaha that looks awesome, including a soundtrack by
I) im going ssj4 over you
J) justin cant drum
K) killed themselves in an oven
L) logan's run fanfiction
M) memorial day 2000
N) nethackrc color stairs
O) objectivist dating site
P) platinum bitch message board
Q) quicksilver
R) r+b video naked dude
S) silk goku shirt
T) Tandi Iman Dupree
U) ulillillia spiderland
V) vysotskiy wiki
W) windows vista also i'm deaf
X) x11.app leopard download
Y) yaoi house
Z) -nothing-
This is me as a bear.


Once again I am helping my best friend make a bunch of money selling pretty things, and once again I am booked pretty solid with shit to do. I want to just rip off these pants like they were tearaways and flounce into a bunch of yallses apartment buildings but ALAS I am a responsible dude. SO here are some places I'll be guaranteed to be if you're also super fucking busy and want to breeze through my life like a lovely zephyr:

- THURSDAY: Rotofugi (on Chicago/Damen) from 6-9 for Daniel Danger's gallery opening. There will be soda and snacks and a bunch of artwork which will let you all understand why I stopped trying to be a comic artist when I met the kid in seventh grade.
- SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: At the Pitchfork fest, specifically at Flatstock, more specifically at Daniel Danger's table. Unless Boris is playing, in which case I'll be hooting and weeping somewhere near there.

Other times and places involve lugging a shitload of boxes around or pingponging between hither and thither, so call me on the legit if you want to try and work something out in the in-betweens, which I would love to do. The only caveat is that I forgot my phone charger at home, because I'm a dumbass, so keep tryin' the rang rang and eventually I'll figure out how to charge it.