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Doin Thangs

So I think I have been sort of remiss in mentioning this BUT: My band has been in the studio for a few months kicking the ass of our first record. It has been a pain and a half and I'm sure our engineer wants to just kill the hell out of us, but luckily we have been chronicling pretty much the whole thing here:


I dunno if this is any interest to y'all who aren't gear nerds or know Daniel and I or whatever, but at the very least there are some pretty bad pictures of me and some rough mixes and whatever. I think it's a pretty good read and I am really getting emotionally invested in this record, and not just because it is taking up all the time I had alloted for sleeping and playing GTA4. Anyhow there is an RSS feed so you might as well throw it in your computer aggregation mux thresher and wait two weeks to see if you just scroll past it looking for new ANTM posts by Rich Fourfour.
This is me as a bear.

Citizens and Friends Of Chicago, Prepare For My Impending Arrival

A City Safe From Sea is playing Versionfest in Chicago on the 17th. The show is at the Country Club Gallery (1100 N Damen), and according to Versionfest's website the doors open at 6PM. I have literally no idea when we're playing or who else is doing anything, but we're driving sixteen hours to get there, so if you show up AT THE VERY LEAST I will let you touch my perfect butt.

We've been recording for the past month or two at Q Division (where The Obliterati, Consonant, and Surfer Rosa were tracked) and it's been one of the greatest experiences of my life -- some of the rough mixes of what we've come up with are on our Myspace (I know, I know, but it's industry-standard at this point) and I'm pretty god damned proud of what's coming out of it.

So I guess what I'm saying is: If you live in Chicago and you don't show up and see my band I will hit you with a clawhammer. Just kidding! Or AM I.
This is me as a bear.

A Memetic Followup

On the heels of the last one:

IRL Strangers Whom I Would Loan $300, No Questions Asked, Even If They Were Drunk:
- Kevin Fanning
- Lainey Demond
- Klara Kim
- Paul Jansen
- Vlada
This is me as a bear.

Let's Try To Jump-start A Meme

I had this idea just now and it seems like a great way to combine the memetic tendency of the internet with the notion that people should be lovely to each other more often. So:

A Incomplete List Of People For Whom I Would Fight A Stranger (And I Am Terrible At Fighting And Would Probably Lose), Like, An Actual Fight with the Punching -- But Who, I Suspect, Do Not Know That I Feel This Way

- Eric Marklein
- Marty Ryan
- Paul Thompson
- Adam Zavala
- Meghan Deans
- Jared Dunn
- Ang Duke

Not that I wouldn't man the fists for those of you who know my daily love, but there are some of you I think about a lot, and with fondness, and god damn if this sort of sentiment doesn't deserve to become memetic. So who would you fight.

POSTSCRIPT: I would like to amend this list to note that Lia Bualong should be on here except that I feel that she is fierce enough to make strong enemies, so I balked just in case. Lia, you may count this as double points on your scorecard.
This is me as a bear.

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I'm pretty sure that all my internet habits have congealed in a way that prevents me from actually contributing to the internet itself except where ridiculously convenient. THIS IS PROBABLY A PROBLEM.